My Diary Saved My Life

Allow your thoughts to flow through the pen

The Open Diary

Although I know it might seem a bit melodramatic to state that writing on a piece of paper can somehow change or save my life, I believe it is true. This statement is absolutely true despite its dramatic tone. In many ways, the Global pandemic changed our lives. This shift resulted in a level of isolation that brought some ugly truths to light: we’re all alone in this together. For me, gone are the days of ranting and venting to coworkers or random strangers during my commute. In the face of the pandemic, I was forced to remain still and confront my feelings. In all honesty, it was a challenge. I found that writing could be a therapy relapse as I spiraled due to the inner noise of my mind and my inability to share these thoughts.

Reading has been a constant part of my life, but I particularly enjoy anything that deals with growth and positive thinking. The daily stoic, one of my favorite podcasts, frequently spoke of stoicism with such high respect, so it was only natural for me to explore the pioneers of philosophy. I was introduced to Stoicism by Marcus Aurelius’ collection of writings called Meditations. Upon completing this book, I realized that writing could be a good method for me to quiet the noise, much like how a Roman emperor used this method as early as AD121-180. I was blown away by an emperor who suffered a pandemic and betrayals, yet sat alone and shared his thoughts with the world. It was amazing to see how the world responded in kind, how the world took his private reflections or journals from approximately 1860 years ago and turned them into philosophical works of art that are still relevant today.

I began to wonder: do we all have something to say that may or may not endure? Are all of us capable of exploring our minds in this way? That was my motivation for starting this blog. Writing and exploring philosophical subjects have become my obsessions, and for the first time in my life, I won’t be silenced.

This blog exists to help us all discover our own voices and to create our personal masterpieces. Irrespective of whether or not you want to share your deepest thoughts with the world or keep them to yourself, you must start somewhere.

This is the question I will leave you for your Journal Entry. Feel free to email me your response.

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Journal Entry Prompt

What has the pandemic changed for you?

How are you going to adapt your deepest desires to the new world?

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