The Art of Journaling

We’re so glad you’re here! Welcome to the Open Diary blog! I hope this blog will serve as a space for experimenting with internal dialogue and encouraging many types of writing styles. The benefits of writing can be accessed through any method that works for you. Although I decided to name the blog “Open Diary,” the act of journaling or keeping a diary could arguably be considered universal and neutral.  When sharing ourselves with the world, a diary can feel very personal and may evoke feelings of invasion, especially for those who find sharing themselves with the world challenging. 

It may seem like I’m speaking from experience, but I initially felt my thoughts would be invaded when considering creating the open dairy. For me, writing down your thoughts leaves you exposed and vulnerable, as well as leaving witnesses behind, and that’s a terrifying thought. My feelings of fear quickly dissipated when I turned to my journal and reflected upon the idea. Through my journaling, I have been able to release those feelings. Moreover, journaling has enabled me to undergo a spiritual transformation, providing me with insight, self-reflection, and discourse that had previously eluded me.

Initially, my habit of journaling began as quick scribbles on a page. Regardless of its origins, it has become a ritualistic and therapeutic tool. Initially, I would scribble on paper to calm my racing mind, but the practice has evolved into blogging and writing a book. I hope my readers are willing to devote just a few minutes daily to self-care practices that will greatly benefit their mental and spiritual health. The world of journal writing is proven to be enlightening for anyone who embraces it truly . I will discuss several of the advantages of this ancient practice in this article.

  1. Mental Health 

This simple but effective technique allows for you to sharpen your logic based left hemisphere of your brain. This will shine a light on your critical thinking abilities as well as reigniting the creative flame. For many of us we have locked away our creative sides for too long for most of us we aren’t aware. Our days are consumed by writing for everything else but our own mental health gets placed aside. We write emails, text, assignments all in response to others and not for our own sanity. 

  1. Reflection 

Pen and paper will result in the creation of self-awareness and reflection that can not be underestimated. Open books and hearts create a vortex of truth, in my opinion. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a lie when you are mindful. As a result, you will encounter a concept that has eluded many with respect to self-intimacy. You can reap the benefits of this experience by simply starting to put yourself first. By simply journaling for 5 minutes, you can experience a moment of peace that will become addictive. 

  1. Relief 

Our day-to-day challenges can be tackled with undeniable relief when we journal. You can experience stress relief, anxiety, and problem-solving. We are too scared to confess our concerns and issues to our partners and friends, while for others there are no family or friends with whom to share their stress and anxiety, so we sit on them allowing them to fester from the inside. In journaling, people can let out all the innermost thoughts that may weigh them down. This provides relief on a holistic level.

The first purpose of this blog is to unearth a method of creative exploration. I will construct all of my entries with respect, integrity and honesty. I will briefly share my personal and intimate conversations that I hold within. The purpose here is to allow you to explore your own understanding of the topic or idea. However, I must add a disclaimer. These entries should not be viewed as an opportunity to agree or disagree. There is something incredibly beautiful about journaling, it does not require judgement, neither from yourself nor others .  There is no right or wrong way to participate in this artistry. I hope you, like me, are relieved by the idea that you can’t do it incorrectly. So with that being said, what are you waiting for? Let’s Open those Diary’s.

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