The Art of Gratitude Journaling 

You can change your frequency by being grateful right now!  The birds singing outside of my window woke me up this morning, as well as a breathtakingly bright sky. While lying in bed, I couldn't explain the joy I was feeling until I opened my journal. As I delved deeper into my feelings, I realized… Continue reading The Art of Gratitude Journaling 

Confronting Uncomfortable

Getting in touch with uncomfortable emotions  Guilt, anger, and resentment are just some of the emotions we avoid and suppress as a method of coping. To address those emotions, I want my readers to explore a healthier and more conducive coping method such as journaling to address those emotions that if left unattended can result… Continue reading Confronting Uncomfortable

Science supports the power of Journaling

Journaling for self-care and coping: A study of mothers of troubled children in the community. As the mother of a young child, I believe I could create a blog solely dedicated to my experience as a parent.  However, I would like today's post to focus on parents who are suffering from depression due to their… Continue reading Science supports the power of Journaling