I Reject Chaos

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.”

Steve Maraboli

There was a lot of excitement last night at the 2022 Oscars. You might be one of the lucky ones if you were occupied and missed the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Two years of lockdowns and canceled events left me looking forward to normalcy again, and celebrating the hard work of others was something I always enjoyed. 

Last night there was an incident that you may not have heard about. While I won’t elaborate, I had to retreat to my journal after witnessing this incident. My focus will be on the right to choose chaos or order. Yesterday, one of my favorite actors opted for chaos. While I sat in silence and disbelief, I had to withdraw and gather my thoughts. As I sat there contemplating my life, I asked myself, how have I chosen Chaos over-order? 

This act of violence on live television has no justification for my remarks. I will just leave you with this. I  believe we must all do our utmost to reject chaos in our daily lives in light of all of the wars, sickness, and true chaos in this world. It is important to fight unhealthy emotions that cloud our judgment and cause us to act without considering the consequences of our actions.

Chaos is not for me, and I choose Love and Order. 

” stop blaming outside circumstances for your inside chaos.”

Steve Maraboli

Journal Prompt 

What does Order look like to you and how do you maintain it in the face of confusion?

How do you release negative energy in your daily life?

Please feel free to share your discoveries with me by leaving a comment or via email if you wish. Encourage conversations with your friends by asking them these questions. 

Let the pen speak through you, and happy writing! 

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