The Great Reset

How did we get here?

While traveling to a job I despised during a global pandemic I didn’t understand, I pulled over to the side of the road in tears. “How did this happen to me?” I asked myself. I was employed in housekeeping at a hospital that treated me as if I were a virus. Having to work around the clock, I felt inspected and forced to isolate myself, never being able to really build friendships with my colleagues.

In the early days of the pandemic, yes, I felt heroic. As far as I was concerned, my abilities as a  cleaner were needed. But I knew that I had more to offer, I knew what my employers didn’t. My compassion and inspiration were already present inside of me, but not while I was on the clock. The great reset took some time to really kick in because while many other people lost their jobs, there were those of us who were run into the ground by constant surges and increased cleaning protocols. My second burnout and doctor’s note for sick leave finally allowed me to catch my breath and reflect. 

During this forced pause, I was able to analyze myself in a way I was not accustomed to. It was at this moment that my love of writing as therapy was born. In the days following the reflective time, I took excursions to surrounding cities, I went for walks in nature, I sat alone drinking coffee and reading, and I of course made use of my journals. In the end, I concluded that all jobs are noble, provided your intention is in the right place. Since my intention was only to earn a paycheck, I would never be satisfied at this job. Having been here for 5 years, I decided it was time to move on. 

Effective immediately, I resigned December 2021. To achieve my dream of becoming a writer and a thought leader, I chose to study philosophy and psychology, two disciplines I adore. 

Journal Entry Prompt 

Do you value reflective time?

Do I need a Reset in any area of my life?

Is there anything that I am afraid of?

Please feel free to share your discoveries with me by leaving a comment or via email if you wish. Encourage conversations with your friends by asking them these questions. 

Let the pen speak through you, and happy writing! 

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